Application: Please submit a filled-in application form either by surface mail or as scanned attachment by e-mail. You don’t need to supply information about the yearly income or about your school, however a confirmation (letter of acceptance) regarding your studies in Innsbruck is required. Depending on the place of your studies in Innsbruck you may opt for your preferred dorms or a double/single room on the second page of the application form. Please keep in mind however that we have only limited places in certain houses and can fulfill wishes only based on availability. Please don’t forget to specify the period of your stay (winter term/summer term or whole year). Applications for the whole year or for the summer term will be handled with priority.  Applications for the winter term only are depending on availability because of the limited demand for places in the summer term.

Pricing: Please note that the standard prices are based on a 12-month’s contracting period. For shorter contracting periods (for example 01.10.-30.06.) we have to apply an extra charge between € 40,- and € 65,- per month depending on room category. Prices are available here.

Confirmation: Please keep in mind that we have much more applicants than available places, so not every application can be successful. If a place can be provided, a confirmation will be sent by email or surface mail, asking to transfer a reservation deposit of  € 500,-. As soon as the deposit has been transferred by you, the place is secured. A cancellation of the reservation is only possible within a certain deadline specified in the confirmation; cancellations after this deadline will result in a loss of the reservation deposit.

Room allocation: As mentioned we try to meet your wishes based on availability of free places. If you opted for a double room together with a specified person, we will provide this. Please note however that a definite answer regarding the exact allocation cannot be given before we are sure about the number of free places available. As soon as we are certain about the dorm you will stay, we will forward the information to you, but this may take some time.

If there are any questions left you are welcome to contact the office!

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Office: Haus Panorama, Fürstenweg 174, A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel +43 050 890 8000

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